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Mobility is more than a project. Having a centralized integration point is critical. One-off point solutions (from one device to one CRM system to one workgroup, for example) can certainly satiate immediate mobile requirements, but are rigid and inflexible to ever-changing business demands and inevitably stretch IT resources.  A mobile platform approach that is flexible and agile will allow a company to scale multiple mobility initiatives.

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Fortune 500 companies require a specialized set of governance policies and procedures for seamless cloud integration as well as ongoing management.

Employees will continue to bring smartphones, tablets and personal laptops to work - and they will use these devices while on the job.  And for security reasons, IT Administrators must have access to these devices.

Cloud Computing

Fortune 500 companies are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks.  And according to the Willis Fortune 500 Cyber Disclosure Report, 2013, more than half of the U.S. listed fortune 500 firms say they would face "serious harm" or be "adversely impacted" by a cyber attack.

The companies identified the top three cyber risks as theft of confidential information (65%), loss of reputation (50%) and malicious acts from a hacker (48%). 


Fortune 500 companies must take steps to ensure that business mobility devices are are being properly leveraged as strategic differentiators, instead of merely an IT management headache. 

Rather than focusing on mobilizing one-off solutions, which have to be updated every time a new device or application enters the mix, a platform-approach preserves the value of existing IT infrastructure.


Cloud Computing


Security and regulatory compliance can be a headache for any size firm but in the world of the Fortune 500, the consequences of failure are typically quite severe.  The real and ever increasing threat of Cyber Crime can be devastating and given the recent push by many companies to go paperless and automate as many processes as possible, as well as having employees walking the streets with mobile devices containing sensitive information, the number of potential breach points has grown exponentially, Criminals today know that the real money is no longer to be found in bank safes but on company computers where access to one system could net confidential on millions leading to fraud on a grand scale.

Cloud Computing is quickly becoming pervasive in today's globally integrated networks. The Cloud offers organizations the opportunity to deploy software and data solutions that are accessible through numerous mechanisms, in a multitude of settings and at a reduced cost with increased reliability and scalability. However, the increasing pervasive nature of the Cloud creates an environment that is potentially conducive to security risks.  To avert such risks, the importance of auditing policies, standards and guidelines can not be overstated.

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