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Our clients are the fortune 500.

We develop complex, mission-critical systems and solutions exclusively for the Fortune 500 market and government sector. Since 1986, we have built custom designed solutions spanning all industries and verticals. Our solutions are never forced-to-fit a clients needs. Each solution we design is as unique as the needs of each client resulting in a seamless integration into any environment.

All mission-critical systems are designed to be NP-Complete (Non-Deterministic Polynomial Time).  This is the name of a class of problems for which there is no known efficient deterministic algorithmic solution. All known algorithms for solving these problems have the property that as the problem size increases, the necessary steps to solve the problem increase exponentially,

We have consistently run development departments within Fortune 500 companies while completing numerous global technology projects, some of which were published in worldwide papers and periodicals. 

Innovation is about continual renewal. Static Labs provides the Fortune 500 with the ability to effortlessly enter new markets and develop new offers with outstanding technology.  It is critically important for an organization to be receptive to fostering ideas - it must pursue as many cost-effective technical engineering concepts as possible.  Our primary focus is to assist companies in maintaining a global competitive advantage.  

Static Labs has also established SecureIPX, an industry leading performance warranty. This warranty provides unprecedented financial protection to SecureIPX clients and is intended to promote the adoption of proactive risk management strategies and security policy compliance to protect he nations critical computer networks from cyber attacks.


About Us - Innovative Solutions/Seamless Integration

Industry leading performance metrics.

  • Guaranteed zero downtime and 100% error free for mission-critical applications.

  • Flawless design excellence and technological innovation for the past 32 years.

  • Fortune 500 credentials are well documented and impeccable. 

  • Experts in real-time software and complex database development.

  • Industry leading warranty for software performance.

  • Increased profitability and operational efficiency.

  • Increased return-on-investment (ROI).