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We understand the highly confidential nature surrounding all Static Labs systems and solutions, and the value of maintaining sensitive client information.  As a provider of classified software, we recognize the importance of confidentiality to the client as well as the project. If you have a specific mission-critical design request, please contact us by using the link below. We will respond to all inquiries within one business day.

Static Labs, Inc.

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A Message from the CEO

Eric Coley, CEO of Static Labs, Inc.
"The Right Level of Support for Mission-Critical Systems"


The cost to a Fortune 500 organization to service an outage on a mission-critical system can be massive. Calculating the exact cost can sometimes be difficult to quantify, but if it involves not being able to process transactions, interact with customers, or generally do business then you know it is sizeable. Beyond the actual cost of the individual transactions companies have to consider lost productivity, recovery costs, damage to their reputation, penalties incurred and employee morale.


As a result, more and more customers are demanding an elevated level of support for their mission-critical solutions.  Driving innovation, reliability and high availability is key to supporting these solutions and this is the exact aim behind Static Labs, Inc.  In addition, we understand the vital need to run a Fortune 500 IT department as effectively as possible.  This includes balancing the workload as it relates to resource utilization between projects, support and operations.


Since 1986, Static Labs has been building solutions for mission-critical systems in the Fortune 500 and government sector. Our outstanding technical expertise is firmly grounded in a solid, proven and acknowledged world-class engineering capability.  Our commitment to excellence in producing innovative and cost-effective solutions has been demonstrated time and again.  The experienced gained over the past 32 years is reflected throughout each design, development, testing and integrating millions of lines of software to Fortune 500 companies throughout the world. 


As we continue our quest to lead the industry in developing mission-critical software, we invite you to learn more about Static Labs and why we consistently provide "The Right Level of Support for Mission-Critical Systems".





Eric Coley


Eric Coley


Static Labs, Inc.