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Frequently Asked Questions

Our expertise extends well beyond that of a typical software firm.

In addition to a proven reputation in developing mission-critical systems and large scale database design, we have extensive experience in a range of industries.  This includes the scientific and research community to oil and gas to retail and pharmaceutical.  We have unmatched expertise in the design and development of massively parallel processing systems for use in the most demanding real-time and life-critical applications. 


How long has Static Labs been developing Fortune 500 solutions?

​Since 1986, we have built custom designed solutions for the Fortune 500 market and government sector. Our longevity has been entirely based upon design excellence, technological innovation and dedication to client service.


How are Static Labs applications and solutions different?

​Since 1986, our solutions have been designed from the ground up.  Our solutions are never forced to fit a clients needs.  Each solution we design is a unique as the needs of each client resulting in seamless integration into any environment. 

Does Static Labs design mission-critical systems with "backdoors"?

Since 1986, all autonomous applications have never included a backdoor for anyone to access the program (including the developer). And unlike many others, we do not include which will never be used or cause confusion. If a feature does not directly benefit the client, it is not included.

How are Static Labs applications and solutions industry different?

Since 1986, all solutions were designed as if they were mission critical.  When software is built to this type of tolerance, it means that the design is based on a single premise that a failure might cause catastrophic damage (such as death, equipment malfunction or severe financial loss).



Does Static Labs develop solutions with language translation?

Since 1986, we have provided multi-language applications for use on a handheld or other device. A typical application are daily reports for multinational organizations where the data input is in multiple languages. 


Are Static Labs solutions Cloud ready?

All of our Enterprise solutions can be fitted for use in the cloud without the inherent security risks of Cloud Computing or VPN networks.


Does Static Labs ensure complete confidentiality of solutions developed?

Since 1986, we have never violated a clients trust and is one of the many reasons for our longevity. All employees are bound by a strict NDA and only the developer and/or company founders are aware of the design, intended application and client.


Does Static Labs guarantee project timeline completion and cost?

Most projects are complete within 30 to 90 days. Specialized mission-critical applications and national security projects may take up to 180 days to complete. Since each design is based upon the nature and scope, there is no typical cost. However, we have a 100% success rate of coming in on time and on budget and with the expected functionality. 

Does Static Labs allow for a Pilot Project before full commitment?

We do provide for Pilot Projects and have always succeeded in continuing the relationship after the demonstration. Our preferred pilot project is either a sub-system of a larger project or an independent project that completes within itself.  Typically, Pilot Project duration is 2 to 4 weeks.

What are some of the ways a Static Labs design can benefit an organization?

The benefits of a Static Labs design are numerous.  The four most common to an organization are  increased efficiency by taking over routine tasks from individuals, reducing the risk of errors by removing human involvement from routine manual tasks, cutting costs in office material by eliminating unneeded paperwork and manual administration, and providing real-time information on the organization through automating business processes.