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Since 1986, our mission-critical development projects have spanned all industries and verticals from chemical research and energy to retail, pharmaceutical, insurance and healthcare to communications, banking, data analysis and beyond.  Our solutions have resulted in well-known publicly traded firms generating substantial revenue, many of whom have been or remain clients.


Below are just some of the sectors in which we have completed highly successful projects.


Business Analytics - As a leader in business analytic software and serices, Static Labs provides solutions and technologies to excel an organization well beyond its competitors.  Static Labs provides an integrated environment for predictive and descriptive modeling, data mining, text analytics, forecasting, optimization, simulation, experimental design and more.  We provide a range of techniques and processes for the collection, analysis and interpretation of data to reveal patterns, anomolies, key variables and relationships. 


Consulting - Ulinke other organizations, Static Labs IT business consulting services are uniquely tailored to a clients needs while being flexible and scalable.  This translates into deeper layers of consulting with our clients to deliver a solution that is ideal to the clients goals and needs.


Financial - Static Labs has developed groundbreaking solutions for our Fortune 500 clients in this sector.  Each solution immediately improved their bottom line, refocused their core business strategy or provided the necessary platform to meet or exceed their competition.

Oil and Gas - Static Labs has significant involvement in this sector particularly in the area of renewable energies and technologies to reduce power consumption.


Retail - Static Labs presence in the retail sector is well established.  We have helped our clients significantly reduce operating costs, open up entirely new markets and excel well beyond their competition. 


Scientific and Research - Static Labs development teams are heavily involved in the scientific and research sector.  Our projects range from developing innovative solutions for the Fortune 500 Enterprise market to design breakthroughs in chemical engineering to national security.


Telecommunications - Static Labs has built a team with solid experience in this sector.  We have worked on numerous project including international satellite (design, build and launch), proprietary mobile platform development, IP network simulators / emulators and many other areas. 


Specialized Market Sectors

IT Strategy Consulting Service - We work with Fortune 500 Board level and management teams to define growth and strategies that allow them to meet the challenges of globalization, technical and regulatory changes and the competitive landscape.  At Static Labs, we believe that business and technology management needs to be integrated. The pace of technology innovation continues relentlessly; however progress in the art and science of managing IT will always be subject to some lag.


Where IT management practices and governance structures fall short of supporting today's business environment, the potential of unlocking value in existing IT assets and investments is high. Our IT Strategy consultancy helps unlock the dormant value hidden within an organziations assets and investments.


IT Strategy

A well defined and strategically implemented IT Strategy is essential to form the foundation for a successful outcome.  At Static Labs, we assist organizations around the world in translating an overall IT strategy into business goals and objectives.  Some of the benefits we deliver are:


  • Independent baseline assessment

  • Bridging the gaps & reducing the risk in a portfolio of projects

  • Strong change management framework

  • Well defined and realistic objectives and goals

  • Sustainable competitive advantage


IT Strategy Consultancy to Deployment

Considering the pace of change in the current business environment, management of IT projects has become critical for all organizations. We specialize in helping our Fortune 500 clients to design and deliver their most challenging and complex business and technical programs, while fulfilling our commitment to innovation, responsiveness and delivery.


At Static Labs, our program management work ranges from 'hard' technology projects, through 'transformation' projects involving significant IT and change management, to 'soft' projects involving organizational development and cultural changes.

IT Strategy Consultancy from Static Labs provides clients with a well documented plan to ensure the maximum return on IT investment is achieved. A well thought-out and future-oriented IT strategy can deliver enormous cost savings combined with improved service delivery and business agility.