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Database Development

Static Labs has the experience to identify the most suitable database for your requirements.  We are able to install and configure the chosen database on the required platform.  Any product which handles data needs to consider using a database.  A database provides efficient data management, data access and data updates. It helps to guard against errors and loss of information.

Static Labs database designs are recognized around the world as a technological breakthrough and an industry best.


Experts in the Development of Commercially Viable Systems and Solutions for the Fortune 500 Sector.

Static Labs Research and Development teams are experts in the fields of designing, developing and strategically implementing large scale database systems, advanced software development, electronic and systems engineering as well as complex database deign and associated projects. We are experts in data modeling, database architecture / development, database performance tuning, and ETL (Extract Transform Load).​


A partial listing of services:

Embedded Programming

Static Labs research and development teams are experts at developing embedded software and firmware for a range of operating systems and this includes microprocessors and microcontrollers. We are frequently contracted to implement complex designs on embedded targets with strict criteria for performance and timing.

User-Interface Design

Static Labs has wide ranging knowledge of developing user interfaces and is experienced in human factors, rapid prototyping and cross platform development. We develop web-based graphical user interfaces, Windows applications and mobile applications.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Static Labs has developed and industry leading CRM environment used by global Fortune 500 companies.  This solution has the ability to span all industries and verticals without utilizing a modular "one-size-fits-all" design.  It provides a Quality-of-Service structure for a CRM environment with zero downtime and 100% error free.

Device Driver Development

Static Labs has an excellent understanding of both software and hardware, and this includes the interface between the two: the device drivers. We understand all aspects of hardware: functionality, interfaces and control for maximum performance and reliability. Equally, we have a real appreciation for the software side and are able to produce application programming interfaces (API) that are robust, easy to understand, easy to use and well documented for the application programmer. 


Static Labs provides the first true network security Quality-of-Service (QoS) structure backed up by an industry leading performance warranty.  This warranty provides unprecedented financial protection to SecureIPX clients and is intended to promote the adoption of proactive risk management strategies and security policy compliance to protect the nations critical computer networks from cyber attacks.